All of our dogs have good dispositions and are wonderful family dogs & working companions.  Their hips and
elbows are OFA tested, eyes CERF tested, & we have begun DNA testing for hereditary diseases.  We strive to
produce puppies that will live a long, healthy, and happy life.  The puppies are socialized daily and raised around
our children.   Each cross is bred to produce QUALITY all-around Aussie pups!
 According to the breed standard,
Aussies are reserved with strangers and protective of their home & family.  The
buyer will need to continue to
socialize and expose their puppy to many different people, places, and situations to ensure it grows into a well
adjusted adult.
Full payment for the puppy including shipping is required before the puppy goes to his/her new home.  Because of price increases
by the airlines, most shipping in the US is now $375 (subject to change if airlines increase price)  and includes the vet check/health
papers, crate, & plane ticket.    Microchip, fecal test, additional vaccinations, eye exams, etc. can be added at buyers  expense.  A
charge of $4 per day will be added for those puppies staying here after 9 wks of age unless other arrangements have been made
(typically for those shipping internationally).

Our puppies are on Pro Plan Puppy (lamb) and will come with a puppy kit from Pro Plan.  The puppies will be current on worming
and vaccinations.   Tails & dew claws are typically done at 3-4 days old (for those who would like to keep the tail intact, payment
for the puppy must be made before 3 days of age).  Puppies will be available for pick up at 7 wks and will ship at 9 wks.  Our vet
is Patti Maness, D.V.M at 405-387-5005 if you have questions about the health of our dogs or puppies.

We require the use of our ASCA registered kennel name, "Nineveh".  "LIMITED" registration refers to a pup with no breeding
rights, & "
FULL" registration refers to a pup with breeding rights.  UPDATE!  As of 10/17/2014 All puppies will be marked
"NOT FOR BREEDING" on their registration paperwork.  To have the breeding rights released, the buyer must have paid the full
agreed upon price of the pup, at age two the said dog must have cleared an eye CERF exam, and have an OFA Fair or above hip
rating and Normal elbow rating.  Due to recent events, we will also require a contract.  
It will be attached to the site soon for review.
Call or write for more information

Wayne & Beth DeLozier
Nineveh Aussies
Lexington, OK 73089

(405) 740-9218 cell
Aussie Puppies
If you would like to send a payment through PayPal,
simply send payment to my email address.  Be advised that Paypal does charge a small fee (approx. 3%)
the buyer will be responsible for.
If you would like to be on the list, text me at 405-740-9218.
Vision's Stack the Deck

HOF WTCH Pincie Creek Cisco Kid
HOF Pincie Creek Aggie's Magic STDcds CDX

Ace is ASCA & AKC registered and fully health tested.  Bred by
Ronnie Bates & Wayne Kirby.  Ace carries some of the Woods line
thru the Ruff-N-Ready and Jones dogs as well as having the Bar LW
Inspired Blue and Justus N Lucy McCain cross fairly close up in his
pedigree.  We are hoping the presence and strong work ethic of these
old lines will be passed down to his offspring.
Ace has been living with us since Dec.   He is 9 years old and just now
getting an opportunity to work stock.  So far he shows
lots of power.  

Nineveh's National Velvet

HOF WTCH Starstuff Rapture Ready
BCB Breezy Lil Cowgirl

Pie is ASCA & AKC registered and fully health tested.   Pie will work any stock.   The only thing holding her
back is me and lack of time for training.   She is a velcro type dog and wants to please.   She shows lots of
potential and I hope to have video of  her working soon.   This should be a nice cross for any type of stock
work.   Pups will be well socialized and should have good dispositions like their parents.  

The sire and dam are OFA Good hips and Normal Elbows.   They have been  DNA tested for Canine
Multifocal Retinopathy, Collie Eye Anomaly, Cone Degeneration, Degenerative Myelopathy, Hereditary
Cataracts (HSF4), and Multi-Drug Resistance.
ASCA & AKC Litter born Oct. 18, 2016
Sarplaninac Puppies
Glory - Sold
Lizzy - Sold
Future litters

2016 - Dec. 8
Nineveh's Ready 2
Scout OTDc STDsd x Visions Stack The Deck (Ace)
(The waiting list has started.  $100 deposit will hold a pup in this litter)

2017 - Spring
BCB Breezy Lil Cowgirl STDc (Bree) x Nineveh's Hangin' Tree Player (Tater)
Tater is a full time ranch dog who works cattle for Jeff & Jamie Mardis in western OK.  Tater is a full brother
to Kathy Males' Coque (Nineveh's Coquin of Mekkado OTDcsd RTDcs AFTDsm OFTDc)

2017 - Spring
Nineveh's Sharp Shooter STDs  (Oakley)  x   ?  Possibly Cut'n Loose Ain't No Bull or Tater
$1,000 each without breeding rights.  
To have breeding rights released, the price is $1,200 and at age two the following tests need to be completed
before breeding: OFA hips/elbows, eye CERF, and DNA testing for the following:
Cone Deg., CEA, CMR1, DM, HC, MDR1.
Black Tri Female