All of our dogs have good dispositions and are wonderful family dogs & working companions.  They are also OFA'd and
eye CERF tested.  The puppies are socialized daily and raised around our children.   Each cross is bred to produce
QUALITY all-around Aussie pups!
 According to the breed standard, Aussies are reserved with strangers and protective of
their home & family.  The
buyer will need to continue to socialize and expose their puppy to many different people, places,
and situations to ensure it grows into a well adjusted adult.
Full payment for the puppy including shipping is required before the puppy goes to his/her new home.  Because of price
increases by the airlines, most shipping in the US is now $375 and includes the vet check/health papers, crate, & plane ticket.
   Microchip, fecal test, additional vaccinations, etc. can be added at buyers  expense.  A charge of $4 per day will be added
for those puppies staying here after 9 wks of age unless other arrangements have been made (typically for those shipping
internationally).  Our puppies are on Pro Plan Puppy (chicken) and will come with a puppy kit from Pro Plan.  The puppies
will be current on worming and vaccinations.   Tails & dew claws are typically done at 3-4 days old.  Puppies will be
available for pick up at 7 wks and will ship at 9 wks.  My vet is Patti Maness, D.V.M at 405-387-5005 if you have questions
about the health of our dogs or puppies.  
We require the use of our ASCA registered kennel name, "Nineveh".  "LIMITED"
registration refers to a pup with no breeding rights, & "
FULL" registration refers to a pup with breeding rights.
Call or write for more information

Beth DeLozier
Nineveh Aussies
1022 County St. 2943
Tuttle, OK 73089

(405) 740-9218 cell
Aussie Puppies
If you would like to send a payment through PayPal,
simply send payment to my email address.  Be advised that Paypal does charge a small fee (approx. 3%)
the buyer will be responsible for.
Litter planned for Sept 10th, 2014

 Chigger is not bred.  We will not do a repeat of this breeding.  Chigger
will be retired from our breeding program.

Cut'n Loose Ain't No Bull x Nineveh's 1 Tuff Chigger STDs

For those who have sent in a deposit, we can refund those or move you to an
upcoming litter.  

We co-own two females out of  Ready and Tinboom.  Both girls are due to
come into heat in August.  Zeva and Coco are both OFA Good.  Both girls are
EXTREMELY athletic.  Zeva loves working stock.  Coco belongs to my
neighbor, so for her safety (don't want to tempt her to cross the street), she has
not been on stock.  Like Zeva, Coco is a high drive dog and LOVES to play
ball.  Either litter should excel at agility or herding!!!  Both girls are also
pampered house dogs and are enjoyable to live with.
2 Litters planned for Oct 2014 or soon after

Nineveh's Chip On My Shoulder OTDs STDcd x
Nineveh's Zeva & Nineveh's Divine Design

We plan to trial Zeva next spring.  She is a very intense strong dog
with a
high drive.  Chip is an AMAZING natural worker who is quiet
and easy with lambs and then tough as needed to work cattle.  Chip
has a long wide outrun and will work with minimal commands.  
can be shown a job once and repeat the chore  without handler
Chip has been trialed some, but is primarily a working
ranch dog in Louisiana/Texas.  I expect strong, instinctive,
biddable pups from this cross.  
 Jamie has said that Chip is as good at
his grandfather, WTCH Cut'n Loose Roby RTDc.  What a HUGE
compliment!  To us and many around the world, Roby was the
ultimate stockdog both on the ranch and in the arena.

Both Chip and Zeva are OFA good.  Eyes will be cleared before
breeding.  Both are very loving and patient with children
.  Chip is
happy to meet everyone,
but Zeva is reserved with strangers and will
protect her family.  
We plan to keep a pup back from this cross.   We will not know
which pups from this litter will be for sale until 6 weeks of age.  If
you wish to be on the list, the deposit will be $100.  All colors
possible.  Pups will be $800.
Sire: Cut'n Loose Hondo STDc
Dam: Wonder Hill's Trick Rider
Sire: Ready
Dam: Tinboom